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Animal House

Animal House is a housing project primarily inspired by the astronaut life support system. We wanted to introduce a new possibility for a mutually benefiting relationship between humans and animal that would allow both species to co-exist. We turned to the endangered species of Michigan, with animals like the piping plover and the whooping crane. Other species include a variety of bugs and butterflies, bees, birds, bats and a handful of plant species. As climate change continues to threaten our natural environment, saving the endangered species may only be solved by forming a better relationship with them - one that is more intimate and mutually beneficial. 

Building Axons And Section

Unit Axons

Physical Models

Screenshots of the Technical Stuff

The co-existing environment is made possible by the siphoning system. The system is a two-way system in which water is siphoned up through the poles to the top of the building. As it is pulled up, it is filtered and purified, and then at the top floor, it is combined with rainwater collection. Then all the collected water is drained down through the system of poles to the various habitats and the units. The varying density of poles across habitats are based on the types of plants and animals living in this space and how much water they require. 

Instructors: El Hadi Jazairy and U. Sean Vance
Team: Da Li, Matthew Shulman, Craig Zehr

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